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FAQ About Transmission Repair

Here are some of the most FAQ About Transmission Repair. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us, we are here to help.

What is Transmission Service?
Is it Different from a repair?
“Transmission¬†Service” usually includes: removal of transmission pan and changing or cleaning of the screen or filter in sump.

A Repair includes replacement or adjustments of components.

Does an Automatic Transmission have a clutch?
Automatics have a series of clutch packs that make up the different gear ratios needed for power transfer.
What is the difference between a Transmission Flush versus a Drain and Fill of Transmission Fluid
Drain & Fill is sufficient for certain vehicles. Our trained Staff will determine whether your vehicle requires a Flush. A flush requires a special process of pressurization to remove and replace all fluid in the entire transmission system. A transmission that has no changeable or cleanable filter/screen should not be Flushed.
What about Transmission Additives?
Some are useful and will enhance performance, but most can cause long-term damage to your vehicle.
How do I check the Transmission Fluid Level?
The vehicle should be parked on level ground, it should be warmed up with the engine running. Some cars do not allow for accurate readings unless in Neutral. We don’t recommend standing near any vehicle operating in neutral — even if the tires are blocked from moving. It is best to bring it in where we can safely check the fluid level. Some newer cars have no dip stick as they are filled for the life of the vehicle. They can be checked and serviced at Our Shop.


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