repairing a transfer case

Transfer Case Repair

Do you hear grinding noises coming from the transfer case area? Do you see leaking, dark or low lubricant fluids? Do you feel rough shifting between drive modes?

Having a car in need of a transfer case repair can be a frustrating and overwhelming experience, often occurring at the most inconvenient time. If you notice grinding noises coming from the transfer case area or have problems engaging your 4×4 drive mode then you may want to come by for a service.

The vast majority of expensive transfer case repairs could have been avoided with proper diagnostics from a qualified and honest mechanic. An accurate diagnosis of the root issue is extremely important in saving you money, both in parts and the cost of labor.

Our Transfer Case Repair Services include:

  • Transfer Case Repair

  • Transfer Case Rebuilds

  • Transfer Case¬†Replacement

  • Transfer Case Fluid Change

  • Transfer Case¬†Maintenance

The better you take care of your transfer case, the better your chance of having a car that lasts longer than your neighbor’s.

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